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Inspiring career stories from today's top CEOs, executives, and leaders
Fortive CEO: Jim Lico

Today’s guest is Jim Lico, the CEO of Fortive Corporation, it’s the Fortune 500 company based in Washington that you probably haven’t heard of before, well, until now of course!  Fortive has 18 subsidiaries including notable brands like Fluke and Tektronix. You’ll want to stick around for the entire episode to get a peek into what Jim’s childhood was like growing up in Detroit when General Motors was the biggest company in the world, you will hear Jim share some valuable experiences early in his career that he hadn’t shared before, and Jim shares with us that we should know if we aspire to be business leaders. 

In 2016, while Jim was working at Danaher, the executives at Danaher made a strategic decision to spin off Fortive as a separate company, and the reasoning behind it was that Danaher’s business was focused on life sciences and innovation in the medical space, while Fortive’s business was focused on technologies for industrial applications.  Since they had two distinct end consumers, they decided it was best to separate the entities.  Now, when that happened, Jim was asked to be the CEO of Fortive, and he would now be running a billion-dollar publicly traded business with 25,000 employees, something he admits, he wasn’t necessarily prepared for.  Today, Fortive has a market cap of almost 24 billion dollars!

Inspiring career stories from today's top CEOs, executives, and leaders
Bulletproof Founder & CEO: Dave Asprey

Today’s guest is the famous Dave Asprey: As seen on Bloomberg, The New York Times, Business Insider, Fast Company, CNN, Men’s Health, Rolling Stone, Vogue, Forbes and many more!

He sold the first product EVER over the internet, was a top 100 influencer in cloud computing for 20-years, and is the father of what is called, biohacking.  You’ll want to be sure to stick around until the end to hear what Dave’s secret to success was at such a young age was. 

Throughout most of Dave’s early life, he was poor and that was a driving factor for his motivation to make money when he was really young.  He went to school for computer science, and worked in cloud-computing for 20-years before discovering his true passion.  Helping people hack their biology to tap into the unlimited potential of being human.  

Today, he runs multiple businesses, but he is most focused on Bulletproof, the hundred-million-dollar venture-backed company that was started as a blog in 2011, and now reaches tens of millions of consumers with unique food products, award-winning podcasts, and best-selling books.

Inspiring career stories from today's top CEOs, executives, and leaders
Former SeaWorld CEO: Joel Manby

Joel is the Former CEO of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, one of the largest public entertainment companies in the world, Former CEO of Herschend Family Entertainment, one of the largest private entertainment companies in the world, the Former CEO of Saab Automobile, 

AND most importantly, the Author of one of the best books I have ever read called “Love Works: Seven Timeless Principles for Effective Leaders”, endorsed by Bill Haslam, Governor of Tenessee, Dan Cathy, President of Chick-fil-A, and congressman John Campbell.

If you’d like to get Joel’s book, please visit his website at 

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As a young person trying to figure out what I’m going to do next, it helps a lot to get insight on the actual stories of how successful became successful!!
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I just listened to Season 3, Ep. 3 and I feel so inspired! I’ve never been a traditional education learner but I’ve always loved learning. Thanks for sharing the knowledge!

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